Welcome, Spanish enthusiasts!

Bienvenidos  a mi blog!

Here you will find some insights on what it is to learn Spanish, and what (I hope) will be interesting facts about my beloved language. You are welcome to add your opinion on the topics that I will present, that will surely make it more exciting.

I will try to pick topics that are relevant to those who are currently taking Spanish lessons, and share with you the questions that I have had from my former students during my career as a Spanish teacher. The answers to those questions will hopefully help you in achieving your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.

Hasta pronto, amigos!


4 thoughts on “Welcome, Spanish enthusiasts!”

  1. Hola Raquel!
    I’m Peggy, que tal?
    I look forward to reading more interesting fact about the wonderful Spanish language.
    Nos vemos!

  2. Hola Raquel!
    Como estas?
    Just dropping by to say Hola and to let you know we will be visiting your blog often. Keep us posted!

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