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Spanish in Spain

In Spain, they speak Spanish, right? Well, yes, and no. Here I present a short explanation on the different languages spoken in Spain.  I hope you enjoy!

Spain stands out for its linguistic diversity. Castilian is the official language throughout the country, but there are provinces that have a co-official language.

Castilian is the official language in all of Spain, and also in other countries like Argentina or Equatorial Guinea. It comes from Latin, and after the Roman Empire, it was enriched with contributions from the Germanic and Arab people after their conquests.

Catalan is spoken mainly in Catalonia. There are dialects in the Balearic Islands (Balearic) and in Valencia (Valencian), which derive from Catalan.
 Catalan comes from Latin, and has a high number of speakers, approximately 7 million. In the country of Andorra and in the French region around Perpignan, Catalan is also spoken.

Gallego is the co-official language in Galicia. It also extends to some zones near Asturias and in Leon and Zamora. It is spoken by about 2 million people. This language is the result of the process undergone by the late Latin learned in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula.
In medieval times it spread to part of Portugal, constituting the Galician-Portuguese romance, which until the fifteenth century would be a single language, with slight variations.

Basque,  is the co-official language in the Basque Country (Euskadi). It is the only non-Romance Peninsular language, and the only pre-Indo-European language in Western Europe.

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Welcome, Spanish enthusiasts!

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