Group Spanish Courses

Adult Spanish Courses in Baltimore / Towson

If you are looking for a Spanish course that truly gets you to speak and understand Spanish fast, but with skillfully structured content, and plenty of oral interaction in Spanish, we have what you are looking for.

In our courses, we use a broad range of speaking and listening activities to immediately apply what you learn to communicate in Spanish. These activities become progressively more complex as you become more proficient. Time is efficiently spent on learning the structures you will need for a particular task, and immediately practicing such structures in oral activities. For instance, if you learn the grammar behind Spanish questions, we practice activities that involve asking questions, such as buying tickets, or inquiries about an upcoming trip. What you learn, you immediately put to use. Your teacher will guide you through the process to make it easy for you to assimilate the language.

Our class dynamic is to first cover a particular structure, and then practice interaction in activities which give you plenty of speaking and listening practice of what you learn. These activities are designed realistically, to prepare you for using Spanish out of the classroom and in the real world. Homework is given weekly, and doubts are solved in class.