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Meet your Spanish Teacher: Raquel 

I'm a Spanish language and culture instructor-professor-teacher, passionate about all things Spanish.

When you learn Spanish with me, you realize there is a before and an after your Spanish learning experience. Yes! The lessons are that good. (That's what my students say!)

My Spanish teaching career

Apart from being an independent Spanish teacher helping hundreds of students become fluent, I've had the pleasure of teaching beginner Spanish courses at Bridgewater College of Virginia to awesome undergraduate students. I
also taught advanced placement courses to very bright students at Tandem Friends School of Virginia.
At companies, I help employees learn to communicate in Spanish with their  Spanish-speaking clients. Some of the companies I've taught at are Hyundai, SIFU group, Baltimore Labor Union, Airbus Spain, The Baltimore Court System, and several healthcare clinics, hotels, and construction companies. 

My degrees and such...

In my life, I earned two bachelor's degrees in business administration and in computer science, respectively, and a two master's degrees, one in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and one  in computer science . You see, I love languages, even machine languages, although what I really enjoy is teaching people. It's more exciting! 

Where I was born, where I have been

I was born in Madrid (Spain), and moved to Maryland in the year 2000, which is where I first started teaching Spanish. I have also lived and taught Spanish in the city of Sydney, Australia, mates!