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Learn Spanish in a Meaningful Way.

Each student is different, has different needs, skills, and areas that are developing. When I design your Spanish lessons, I do it from scratch and with a holistic approach, considering the whole you as a person, seeking to fully engage you in the learning process.
I use a combination of structure (grammar)and practice scenarios to use what you learn to speak and listen interactively in Spanish. I call it targeted practice. For example, one of my teaching staples is the use of real-life scenarios. In one scenario, the student interacts with a fictitious seller (me, usually!) to buy a bus ticket.
This method of learning what you need to accomplish a task builds your skills from the ground up. It is very effective, allowing you to move up quickly in the complexity of your utterances.
It's during these interactions when you speak, listen, develop your skills, and the magic happens! It always does.

Understanding your Frustration.

You are not alone...

This may not be your first time learning Spanish. Perhaps you've tried Spanish lessons before, either at a language learning center, or on your own using some app.
If you are like many of my students, you have a similar issue: "I still can't put a sentence together to say what I want, neither can I understand when they speak to me in Spanish". This is when I come in, and help you make the jump. 

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