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Conversational Spanish Lessons in Towson, Maryland

If you are looking to learn Spanish to be able to speak and understand it when talking with native Spanish speakers, you are at the right place. 

Raquel teaches Spanish in groups and private students

We know from experience that learning Spanish through real interactions with a skilled native teacher prepares students for real interactions with native Spanish speakers.. Our Spanish classes, private, in groups, or in-company, engage our students in a variety of speaking and listening activities that are meaningful, interesting, and based on real situations, while constantly interacting in Spanish with their native Spanish teacher.

Many of our students come to us after long struggling to speak or understand Spanish. We help them reach their fluency goals, because we teach Spanish focusing on speaking and listening practice, with engaging, practical, and useful content.  

Adult Group Spanish Courses


$245 Per Spanish Course

Eight-Week Spanish Courses


Eight-Person Groups Maximum


Access to Course Materials Included

We offer different group Spanish courses to suit your current level. There is a maximum of eight students per course, to maximize interaction, which is crucial to be able to speak and understand Spanish.

The core principle of our Spanish courses is to guide you and teach you Spanish in a structured way that focuses on you learning for effective oral communication and listening comprehension. You will participate in many speaking and listening activities that will prepare you to take your Spanish out of the classroom and into the real world, when you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, or talk with native Spanish speakers in social situations.

Current adult Spanish courses:

Smiling Student in Lecture

Small Groups

Our Spanish courses focus on practical Spanish for conversations.

Up to Eight Students

Spanish for Companies

We absolutely agree that employees are the biggest and most valuable asset a company can have.

We help businesses and organizations enrich their workers skills, work environment, and their lives by bridging the communication gap between company executives, employees, and clients with Spanish language training as a tool to bring them closer together.

When dealing with Spanish-speaking customers or co-workers, employees frequently experience misunderstandings or miscommunication, which often lead to frustration, lack of engagement, and even costly mistakes. Training employees to overcome this language divide is one of our main strengths.

We offer Spanish language training to companies in a variety of sectors, such as construction, landscaping, real state, healthcare, banking and finance, legal, and hospitality,

Spanish for Companies offers in-company Spanish training to employees and executives
Train Your Employees to Speak and Understand Spanish

The core of our private one on one Spanish classes is to guide you and teach you Spanish in a structured way that focuses on you learning it for effective oral communication and listening comprehension.
One-on-one Spanish lessons are fully tailored to you, to what you need, to your goals, learning style, interests, and learning pace.
We also offer private Spanish tutoring for high school students needing to advance or reinforce what they cover in their Spanish classes at school. We are experienced teaching Advance Placement (AP) Spanish, and very knowledgeable of the Spanish language and culture high school curriculum.
Our Spanish lessons come in two different packages: A four lesson package, and a ten lesson package, which carries a 10% discount.

Conversational One on One Spanish Lessons at Arriba Spanish

Tailored to You

One on One Spanish Classes

Private Spanish Lessons:

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