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Conversational Spanish Classes in Towson, Maryland

Looking for fun, conversational Spanish lessons to become fluent in Spanish fast?

Welcome to Arriba Spanish!

Our difference:

Three ways to learn Spanish: 1-on-1, in small groups, or in-company. 

We teach you Spanish for effective oral communication. What you learn is what you use; no time is wasted.

Small group Spanish courses (up to 8 students), for plenty of one on one interaction.

With us, you learn Spanish in speaking and listening activities where you use what you learn for practical communication. You constantly interact with your teacher and classmates in Spanish, using grammar and vocabulary to build practical, relevant, meaningful speech, your own speech. You control the process.

We know the fastest, most effective way to learn Spanish. 20 years of experience  have taught us how.

We help you foster the skills to carry on a conversation in Spanish in a short period of time.

Conversational fluency in Spanish is our main goal for our students.

Group Spanish Courses (Adults)

The goal of our Spanish courses is to help you easily, naturally, and quickly become fluent in conversational Spanish. During our classes, you will:

  • Build your skills and confidence.

  • Understand Spanish when talking with native Spanish speakers.

  • Engage in meaningful conversations about everyday situations, social events, or traveling.

  • Constantly interact with your native teacher, in a class of 5 students average. 

  • Enjoy learning Spanish!

Fun, engaging, well-structured Spanish classes: 

  • Unique curriculum, with proprietary materials free of charge for our students..

  • Over 20 years of experience on the quickest and most effective curriculum to achieve conversational fluency.

  • Authentic real-life dialogs and conversations in which you actively participate.

We offer three levels of Spanish courses: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Pre-Intermediate. Once you complete a course, you will have the option to advance to the next level course. Click below to see our next available courses.


$230 Total per Course.


5-Week, and 3-Week Courses.


6/8 Persons per Group (5 average).


Free Course Materials.


In Person (Towson).

Spanish for Companies

We can help your business bridge the communication gap between company executives, clients, and employees who need to use Spanish in the workplace.

When dealing with Spanish-speaking customers or co-workers, employees frequently experience misunderstandings or miscommunication, which often lead to frustration, lack of engagement, and even costly mistakes. Training employees to overcome this language divide is one of our main strengths.

We offer Spanish language training to companies in a variety of sectors, such as construction, landscaping, real state, healthcare, banking and finance, legal, and hospitality, and more,

Private Spanish Lessons

The core of our private one on one Spanish classes is to guide you and teach you Spanish in a structured way that focuses on you learning it for effective oral communication and listening comprehension.

One-on-one Spanish lessons are fully tailored to you, to what you need, to your goals, learning style, interests, and learning pace.
We offer private lesson packages for one-on-one, two-to-one, and three-to-one Spanish classes. Click below to view our packages.

Conversational One on One Spanish Lessons at Arriba Spanish

One on One Spanish Classes

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