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Spanish Course Placement Quizzes

The quizzes below give you an approximate idea of which of our courses is the fittest for your current level. Contact us if you still have doubts about your level.


A score will be given to you after completing a quiz. It will also show a course recommendation based on that score.

Do the Beginners placement quiz if you are unsure if you could be in the Beginner 2 course. If you are new to Spanish of don't know how to make proper sentences, I recommend you start with the Beginner 1 course.

If you consider your level higher than a Beginner 2, do this quiz to check if our pre-intermediate course is your best fit. 

Do this quiz to check if the Intermediate 1 course could be your best fit.

Do this quiz to check if the Intermediate 2 course could be your best fit.

Advanced Conversational Spanish

There is no quiz for you to do to determine if your level is the fittest for our Advanced Conversational Spanish course.
The best indicator that you are a good fit is that you are relatively comfortable using the past tenses, as well as the future and conditional tenses in conversations, but need further practice and increasing your language range to more advanced structures and vocabulary.  You will also practice the Present Subjunctive in this course.
I recommend you read the Course Levels page to get more details on this course.

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