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Group Spanish Classes

 Gain Conversational Fluency Fast:

  • Small group Spanish courses of up to 8 students, to get plenty of interaction with your teacher.

  • Gain confidence in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to make learning Spanish natural for you.

  • Build oral proficiency by using Spanish in dialogs and conversations from day 1.

  • We have helped countless students quickly reach their Spanish fluency goals.

 Our Courses' goals:

  • To teach you to speak and understand Spanish fast.

  • To do so with a broad range of activities that are practical, meaningful, and that teach you useful Spanish.

  • To provide you with a strong foundation in the Spanish language.

  • To make you enjoy learning Spanish, and motivate you to achieve fluency.

Three Course Levels: 

Beginners 1  ***  Beginners 2  ***  Pre-Intermediate


Upcoming Spanish Courses

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