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In-Company Spanish Training

A common request from our corporate clients is to help them and their company's employees overcome the existing language barrier with co-workers and clients. 

Offering your employees Spanish lessons increases the value of its most important asset: its human capital. Some great advantages of training your employees in Spanish are:

1. Being able to communicate in Spanish with co-workers builds stronger internal relations. It also helps employees create new customer relations, and strengthen existing ones.

2. It helps boost employee morale, engagement, and retention, as they feel valued when their company wants them to be skilled, confident, empowered.

3. It increases productivity, as knowing Spanish may prevent mistakes caused by misunderstandings, avoid the need for third-party translation or interpretation.

When you decide on a corporate Spanish program for your company's employees, we follow a meticulous design that considers these factors to tailor the most suitable Spanish training for your business:

  • First, we study the specific Spanish language needs of your employees. This involves interviewing them, study of the different contexts when they need to communicate in Spanish, and domain-specific vocabulary.

  • Then, we assess their current Spanish proficiency level, to ensure the groups are of the same level.

  • Also, we constantly provide feedback to make sure the communication and proficiency goals are being met, and that employees are satisfied and encouraged by their progress.

Company Spanish courses are taught at either the employee's workplace or virtually via Zoom. Read below the different Spanish language modules we offer, and contact us with any questions. 

Private Spanish Lessons

For single company executives

These Spanish classes are designed for one company executive who needs to quickly learn to interact with Spanish speakers at his workplace or overseas..

After meeting with the executive, we develop a Spanish program considering specific goals, pre-existing language skills, and timeframe to achieve desired proficiency..


Private in-company lessons are offered in-person, online, or a combination of both.

Company Private Lessons

Group Spanish Lessons

Groups of up to 8 employees

Learning Spanish as a group, employees are immersed in language activities that provide intensive practice and quick progress in acquiring Spanish for oral communication in the workplace. These activities closely resemble situations they commonly encounter when interacting with Spanish speakers while performing their duties.

We are experienced in tailoring corporate Spanish learning programs for a variety of industries, such as construction, landscaping, real state, legal, retail, and hospitality, 

Group corport lesson
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