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Our Spanish Group Course Levels

  • We offer six different Spanish course levels. Below are their descriptions.

  • These courses are for adults only, and are in-person (Towson).

  • Each course enrollment is limited to a maximum of eight students.

  • They target mastering conversational Spanish.

  • We offer Course Placement Quizzes to help you find the best course for you.

Course Descriptions:

Beginner 1 Spanish

This Beginner 1 Spanish course is perfect if you are new to Spanish or struggle to form sentences in basic conversations. You will learn how to build sentences and questions to communicate your needs and ideas, and gain a strong foundation in the language. By the end of the course, you will be able to complete purchases, ask common questions, and exchange information at a basic level. 

Beginner 2 Spanish

This Spanish course is designed for advanced beginners who have a basic understanding of the language. It focuses on mastering the use of the present tense in conversations and forming more complex sentences. It also covers the verb "to be" in social interactions and descriptions, the immediate future tense, and introduces the past tense in dialogs and simple narratives. By the end of the course, you will be able to speak more fluently about present and future events and start discussing past events.

Pre-Intermediate Spanish

Next course after Beginner 2.

In this Spanish course, you will learn how to speak and understand about past events using the preterit and imperfect past tenses.  Learning to use these two past tenses in conversations can be challenging for native English speakers. Through careful explanations, targeted examples, and thorough in-class practice, you will gain in-depth functional understanding and a good level of fluency using the past tenses in conversations.  At-home activities will be given for further practice and expansion, and to prepare conversational activities before class

By the end of the course, you will be able to talk cohesively about familiar present and past topics and describe personal, social, or work experiences.

Intermediate 1 Spanish

Next course after Pre-Intermediate.

This course is designed to introduce and practice reflexive verbs, direct and indirect pronouns, and to provide a comprehensive review of the present, preterit, and imperfect past tenses through guided conversations. 

We will use a variety of speaking activities to target the in-depth practice of object pronouns and reflexive verbs, and complement their acquisition with assigned homework activities. 

You will learn to create and use longer sentences to communicate more complex ideas, You will learn Spanish idiomatic expressions as used in context by native speakers.

You will partake in a diverse range of conversations designed specifically to help you increase your fluency in the use of the present and the two main Spanish past tenses.

Intermediate 2 Spanish

Next course after Intermediate 1.

This course will teach you how to communicate about future events and about the conversational use of the Spanish conditional tense ("if" statements). By actively participating in practice scenarios that target the most common uses of the future and conditional tenses, you will gain a natural understanding of how and when to use them, also gaining fluency in the process.

It will offer you an introduction to the most frequent uses of the Spanish Present Subjunctive when used to communicate needs, wishes, and purposes ("Quiero que vengas, es para que puedas viajar", etc.).

Homework is assigned weekly to prepare before class, for practice of the learned material and to facilitate a better understanding of the new material.

Advanced Conversational Spanish

This advanced Spanish course is perfect for learners who already have a solid foundation and can maintain conversations about past and present events with relative ease. It focuses on gaining fluency, mastering the use of the Present Subjunctive, learning idiomatic expressions,  discussing opinions on present, past, and future events, and increasing speed when talking about more elaborate subjects.

Students are given weekly grammar assignments to prepare before class, and doubts are solved on the spot during class.


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