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Spanish for Homeschooled Children

We offer two different Spanish courses for children according to their age group. These courses are designed for homeschooled children to learn Spanish as a second language as part of a homeschool curriculum that integrates learning a second language as an integral part of it.  Activities prioritize aural comprehension and production, with reading and writing also covered to support oral communication.

4 to 6 Years

Starters Spanish Course

Classes designed for 4 to 6 year old children to spark their interest in learning Spanish in a safe, positive, supportive environment. Activities target the basics in Spanish while having fun.

Groups of 3 to 7 children.

7 to 9 Years

Movers Spanish Course

Designed to help your child acquire a solid foundation in the Spanish language naturally by participating in engaging, fun, dynamic activities that target listening comprehension and speaking.​​

Groups of 3 to 7 children.


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