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Spanish Learning Resources

This is a list of helpful resources you can use in your Spanish learning journey. I classified them into listening, reading, and grammar resources, as learning a new language encompasses speaking, listening, reading, writing, and understanding how the language works.

Spanish Resources to Practice Listening Comprehension:

This website offers Spanish podcasts at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels where native hosts discuss world news, grammar, expressions, and much more in simplified Spanish. They keep the pace slow, so you can understand and don't get lost. Podcasts are organized in different categories, such as world news, science, science, art, and culture, to keep you interested and motivated. Some podcasts are free, but they also offer paid subscriptions.

BBC's Mi Vida Loca is a free comprehensive Beginners Spanish series featuring an interactive video drama Spanish course that takes you on an intriguing trip through the streets of Madrid. It's very well organized, with learning sections to complement each episode.

Resources to Learn Spanish Grammar:

This website has free grammar activities for you to practice. It follows a well though-off progression, starting from scratch. They believe grammar is an excellent tool to help you achieve fluency, teaching you in minutes what it may take days to understand in a full immersion setting. I agree.

Excellent resource with study modules that include a video and activities related to it. It also includes grammar sections with practice activities that offer self-correction. It is a little challenging if you are an absolute beginner, however, it pushes you forward very fast.

This is a great grammar study guide for students at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Don't be misguided by the title, if you start from item number 1 on the list, you start from the very beginning with things like pronunciation, capital letters, subject pronouns.

Spanish Reading Resources:

This book is divided in three parts, for beginners, for intermediate level students, and for advanced students. The idea is that you follow that progression as you advance in your learning journey, and it does a good job at it. This is one of the resources we use in class and students use at home, and it is really helpful to learn Spanish comprehensibly. You see lots of vocabulary and expressions in context, and do activities related to each reading. It starts with shorter passages, and progresses to longer, more complex texts.

This book presents short stories divided into sections, which help you keep the structure organized, and makes it easier to navigate. I think this book bridges the gap between an advanced beginner and an intermediate level, although the title states for beginners. Each story is followed by its English translation, a summary, questions, their corresponding answers, vocabulary list, verb list, subject pronoun list, and a verb conjugation chart.

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